U-Build AR15 9mm 5.5"Pistol Kit(Glock)Colt Magwell Adapter+Brace
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U-Build Kit: BarDef Complete 5.5" 9mm Pistol Kit with Magwell Adapter for Colt SMG Magazines and Stablizer Brace.

****This upper accommodates 9mm Glock and Colt SMG Mags and features LAST ROUND OPEN****

BarDef Model BD9-5.5-Kit+MW+Brc is a 5.5 inch barreled You-Build-It kit including 1 Magwell Adapter for Colt SMG Magazines and Stablizer Brace. This upper will match up with any brand mil-spec 5.56, Multi-Cal or Propietary 9mm lower receiver. The Colt SMG magazine will function perfectly with any AR15 mil-spec lower. For Glock mags you will need a proprietary lower. The mil-spec upper receiver will attach to any standard AR-15 lower receiver. The BarDef 5.5" pistol upper features a stout bolt carrier group & 5.5 inch barrel both with phosphate finish. All parts are included to complete this build are listed below except the lower receiver which requires an FFL dealer to purchase. This upper is a great platform for a red dot or flip-up sights (sold separately).
This kit when complete is cool looking and tough to withstand years of use and abuse. The kit comes ready for you to assemble so you can brag that U-Built-It.
This Parts kit includes everything needed to build a complete upper and lower, except a stripped lower receiver. All parts are made to standard military specifications or better and comes with the Barrier Defense lifetime warranty.

****Know your states laws when purchasing this item.
Parts included in this kit:
  • (1) 5.5" Barrel/No Gas System Needed/Parkerized/Non-Chrome Lined(more accurate)
  • (1) Proprietary Bolt Carrier Group 
  • (1) Ultra Slim KeyMod Free Float Hand Guard w/Detachable Rails/4" 
  • (0) Gas Block N/A 
  • (0) Gas Tube N/A
  • (1) Standard Receiver End Plate
  • (1) Mil-Spec/Commercial Castle Nut/Steel
  • (1) Mil-Spec Buffer Tube/Alum.
  • (1) Heavy Buffer
  • (1) Buffer Tube Spring
  • (1) Mil-Spec Charging Handle Alum.
  • (1) Dust Cover
  • (1) Forward Assist
  • (1) Bird Cage A2 Muzzle Brake
  • (0) N/A
  • (1) Upper Receiver with Feed Ramps 
  • (1) Complete Lower Parts Kit Included w/Trigger & Hammer
  • (1) Stainless Steel Magwell Adapter for Colt SMG Mags
  • (1) BarDef Stablizer Brace

Complete Lower Parts Kit Includes

  • Bolt Catch
  • Bolt Catch Plunger
  • Bolt Catch Roll Pin
  • Bolt Catch Spring
  • Buffer Retainer
  • Buffer Retainer Spring
  • Disconnector
  • Disconnector Spring
  • Hammer
  • Hammer Pin
  • Hammer Spring
  • Magazine Catch
  • Magazine Catch Button
  • Magazine Catch Spring
  • A2 Pistol Grip
  • Pistol Grip Lock Washer
  • Pistol Grip Screw
  • Pivot Pin
  • Pivot Pin Detent
  • Pivot Pin Detent Spring
  • Safety Selector
  • Safety Selector Detent
  • Safety Selector Detent Spring
  • Takedown Pin
  • Takedown Pin Detent
  • Takedown Pin Detent Spring
  • Trigger
  • Trigger Guard
  • Trigger Guard Roll Pin
  • Trigger Pin
  • Trigger Spring


  • Item #: BD9-5.5-Kit+MW+Brc

U-Build AR15 9mm 5.5"Pistol Kit(Glock)Colt Magwell Adapter+Brace

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